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FTA Listservs

FTA maintains several email listservs to permit discussion among our members on various topics. This page allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe, or change their preferences for these listservs. Note, some listservs are private--for the use of FTA members only. These listservs will require verification before the user is added to the service.


Information on Public Listserv are on the FTA Website

Information on Private Listservs are available on TaxExchange.

*for changing subscription when already subscribed to the service.




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Subscribing/Unsubscribing Using Email Messages

As with most listserv, you can send email commands to the listserv computer to subscribe, or change your subscription. All commands must be sent to the email address <requests@lists.taxadmin.org>. The command consists of several words in the body of the email message, followed by the listserv name (e.g., unsubscribe mfuc). The commands accepted include:

  help [listserv name]
  info [listserv name]
  subscribe [listserv name]
  subscribe digest [listserv name]

  unsubscribe [listserv name]

Note, you cannot subscribe to the private listservs using this method. You must send an email directly to the listsever moderator [see moderators on TaxExchange]. If you have any questions or encounter any problems, send a message to the webmaster.

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